Build your own Generative AI app in minutes with AWS PartyRock

Kuan Hoong, Ph.D
3 min readNov 23, 2023
PartyRock web-UI

Everyone is jumping into the hype bandwagon of Generative AI. Not to be left behind, AWS has recently announced PartyRock which is an Amazon Bedrock Playground. PartyRock is a no code Generative AI app prototyping playground that allows anyone to build Generative AI app in minutes.

PartyRock can be accessed with any browsers web-UI interface which is separate from the AWS Management Console and does not require an AWS account. Newly built app can be shared via link created and post to social media using the #partyrockplayground hashtag.

With PartyRock, users are able to customize/fine tune generative AI models with personal data to produce unique applications with both text and images. There are several leading generative AI large language models (LLMs) for selection such as from the developers of Meta, Stability AI, AI21 Labs, Anthropic Cohere and Amazon through a unified API. It is worth pointing out that not all the models are available at this moment.

In a nutshell, with PartyRock, you are able to experiment, learn all about prompt engineering, build mini-apps, and share them with your friends — all without writing any code or creating an AWS account.

Create a Capital City Identifier app

Build an app to provide Capital City for country
App created within minutes
Widgets can be edited easily
Selection of LLMs
Some advanced settings such as temperature and Top P selections
Image generated based on prompt input
App can be shared to social media
The control panel for all apps created

For a limited time, AWS offers new PartyRock users a free trial without the need to provide a credit card. Go ahead and build your Generative AI app now with PartyRock.



Kuan Hoong, Ph.D

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning, Lead Data Scientist, Malaysia TensorFlow User Group, Malaysia R User Group